We see that each of its individual detail is as complete as the whole car as a whole. And just about Skoda Octavia we can truly and confidently say that this car is very easy to fall in love with and it will never give reason to doubt. Clear lines of the body make the design of the car perfect from all sides. A multitude of interior communications, assistance systems and modern technology are able to meet the most diverse requirements of the modern driver. And an incredible number of “smart solutions” Simply Clever, as always, undoubtedly declare the high status of this model in its class. The new Octavia is yet another example of the philosophy behind high-performance cars, which is a real delight to drive. And you can always return the old car to this company: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/blog-post/retire-your-ride/.

Exterior design.

Every detail of Octavia is the embodiment of timeless aesthetics and modern technology, which makes this car a true work of art.

Front view.

Twin headlights emphasize the new, unique look of the car. The exceptional design of the main headlights is perfectly complemented by pointed fog lights. Massive grille and distinctive lines of the hood create a feeling of safety and reliability.

Rear view.

When you look at the car from behind, you will immediately see the typical elements for Skoda: the expressive logo and model name, made in the form of a crystal for the license plate and reflectors for better visibility.

Side view.

The successful combination of perfectly smooth surfaces of the body with crystal facets gives the car solidity and importance. SunSet tinted windows enhance the vehicle’s appearance and increase the comfort level for rear seat passengers.

Panoramic overhead sunroof.

Let more light and fresh air into the cabin. Constructed from tinted glass, the power-operated panoramic sunroof in the Combi version allows you to create more open space above the front seats.

Roof rails.

The Combi version’s solid silhouette is complemented by the roof rails, which are available in two colors – exclusive silver and refined black.

The exterior mirrors with body-coloured exterior mirror housings accentuate the vehicle’s elegance.

Maximum illumination.

Combining innovative technology with a unique design, the modern car’s lighting is not just a work of ar

t, it also

guarantees safe driving.

Full LED headlights with AFS system.

There are two types of main headlights for Octavia. Cars in maximum configuration are equipped with LED headlights. They provide high-quality and highly efficient lighting, while the AFS system (Adaptive Headlight Lighting) adjusts the light intensity according to certain ambient conditions, for example in the city, on the freeway or when driving in rainy weather.

LED taillights.

Octavia taillights offer quality and clear illumination. These lights with LED lamps are available in two versions. Inherent to Skoda cars expressive C-shaped shape of the headlights gives this model a unique and spectacular look.

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