Peculiarities and subtleties of body repair

Even a minor accident or an unfortunate set of circumstances may result in scratches, cracks and dents on the car body. What the main points include body repair, how to assess the cost of work and whether it is possible to repair the car yourself – let’s consider further. And if the accident was serious, don’t feel bad. The main thing is that everyone is alive. And the car can be recycled:

The body of the car – this is one of the main components of the vehicle. Its appearance has not only an aesthetic value, but also provides important functions, including passenger and driver safety. Reliable repair of deformations or quality repainting requires great professionalism as well as specialized tools and materials.

A significant influence on the repair price and the choice of service will be the type and severity of the damage:

Deformation of individual areas;

appearance of cracks;

distortion of the shape of door and window openings;

distortion of body geometry;

violation of anti-corrosion and paint coating.

Experienced masters pay special attention to diagnostics and elimination of damages of the lower part of the body, where the mounting points of the suspension are located.

Stages of body repair

Strict adherence to the sequence of stages of body repair is necessary:

Restoration of geometry. This is preceded by the removal of removable elements, in particularly complex cases requires a complete removal of the paint coating.

Welding and straightening works. If the part is severely damaged, it is more expedient to replace the whole element.

Paint application and polishing. At this stage, puttying, priming, and painting are performed sequentially.

If the established order is not followed, there may be gaps at the doors, chipped varnish and other more significant defects.

Is body repair without a car service center a reality?

Perform body repair with your own hands is possible in the case of minor malfunctions that require elementary repair work. With a set of tools and certain skills, you can independently eliminate small dents, straighten the bumper or apply paint to the damaged area. However it is impossible to restore the geometry, to perform complete replacement of a detail or to perform the whole body painting by yourself.

The service stations use high-precision computer technologies, allowing restoring the appearance and functionality of the body with high quality and without the risk of malfunction.

The Top 5 Mistakes of Car Body Repair

Welding of body elements with conventional electrodes, while the use of argon is more reliable.

Poor processing of welding seams – insufficient cleaning and priming of joints may cause the occurrence of rust.

Failure to follow the sequence of repair stages.

Violation of thermal conditions during welding, insufficient drying of putty.

Painting not in tone – even with a precise selection of paint, it is necessary to ensure a smooth transition from the new color and take into account external factors, such as fading in the sun.

How do I choose a car repair shop and estimate the cost?

Choosing a workshop where the body repair is well done is not easy. Here you should consider a set of factors: the possession of certificates and licenses for the activity, the availability of modern equipment, customer feedback, the possibility of documentation and warranty on services, the number of employees, the location of the service. If the car has not expired warranty service, it is better to apply to an official car service.

How much does car body repair cost? The price tag is formed on the basis of several factors: the cost of work, spare parts and consumables. The cost of work is usually determined by the established standards and remains unchanged. The price of additional parts and materials depends on whether they are dealer’s or more inexpensive analogues are used, at the request of the customer in many services can use second-hand parts.

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