How to use sealants for the car?

Many older motorists recollect with horror how they used to seal the joints between the glass, using duct tape or plasticine. Fortunately, today the car accessories market offers a huge selection of adhesive sealants at affordable prices, so there is no need to get so sophisticated. The same motorists are happy to recall

Adhesive sealant: varieties and principles of use

Many brands produce sealants for sealing car seams. And although their principle of action is similar, some differences still exist. The main ingredient of such means are esters – depending on the brand of the manufacturer, different compositions can be used.

There are three main types of products:

– anaerobic sealants – cure slowly, so you can take your time when applying, distributing the product carefully;
– synthetic resins – used infrequently to secure specific compounds;
– silicone adhesives – strong and elastic, reliably fill even 7 mm gaps, but require more dexterity in handling than anaerobic adhesives.
The main task of any glue is to ensure tightness of joints of car mechanisms.

Basic rules of using any sealant

– carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before using;
– for a particular node use a highly specialized product;
– Do not go overboard – you need just enough sealing compound to fill the crack;
– Work carefully so as not to over tighten the joints.
When ordering the product, note that there are special sealants for the body, sealing windows, hatches, cooling system, etc. By choosing a highly specialized caulking adhesive, you can hope for the highest quality joints possible. In addition, adhesives differ in their resistance to oils and flammable substances.

There are also special sealants for sealing punctures in tires. Many motorists have long switched to online shopping for convenience and time saving – it’s much more profitable than spending a whole day walking around the car market.

If you are planning to use such a product as sealant for the first time, it is not necessary to buy a big bottle at once. Take a small volume to make sure the product is suitable for your task. In addition, the product dries very quickly after opening and becomes unusable.

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