How to remove insects from the windshield and car body?

Despite the sunny summer weather, you don’t have to rejoice in a clean car and for a long time. A short trip is enough to turn the radiator grille, license plate and windshield into a graveyard for hundreds of insects. How can you effectively (and safely) get rid of them?

Insect marks on a car are not just a matter of appearance and poor visibility. The remains of insects, if they are not promptly removed, under the influence of weather conditions for a long period of time, begin to destroy the paintwork, especially if it has not been previously protected in any way. So the car body is best washed regularly. It turns out, however, that automatic car washes cannot cope with the complete removal of insects from the radiator grille and windshield, and for manual car washes this is a rather difficult task.

There are a number of car body insect removers available in car accessories stores, hypermarkets and on the internet. Most of them are in the form of a spray, which should be sprayed onto contaminated elements, wait a few seconds and rinse off the remnants of insects with pressurized water and a sponge, cloth or special glove.

It must be remembered that, despite the statements of some manufacturers, most products contain aggressive components and wash off the wax layer previously applied to the car body. Some of them are able to remove not only insects, but also road dust and traces of asphalt, which most often settle on the edges of the wings. The liquid can also be used as a special tool while driving a car to clean the windshield or by adding it to the washer reservoir.

The surface on which the product is sprayed must be cool and damp. Under no circumstances should you wipe it off with a kitchen sponge, which scratches the varnish. It is best to use a microfiber glove for this, perhaps a car wash or insect remover.

The remaining liquid must be thoroughly washed off, as it can destroy the paintwork.

An alternative to aerosols is the soaked wipes, which are sold in boxes of 25. They can be used to remove insects, asphalt, tar or tar. Extraction gasoline and mineral sparkling water will also help remove traces. As advised by car owners who take care of cars with special zeal, the easiest way to get rid of insects from the radiator grille and bumper is by covering them overnight with a towel dipped in an aqueous solution with shampoo.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. When removing insects, not only regular washing helps, but also protecting the varnish with a layer of wax.

Even more than insects, bird droppings are harmful to paintwork. It is recommended to have a supply of water with shampoo and a rag with you in order to quickly remove them from the car body. Contrary to popular belief, glass cleaner is not suitable for washing droppings, as it chemically removes wax from varnish.

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