How to properly drive a car off-road and not get stuck?

Not everyone has an all-wheel-drive SUV or crossover that can drive through the mud without any problems. And not everyone is familiar with Most drivers have to drive cars that are not very passable. However, all-wheel drive is not at all a mandatory option for off-road driving, driving skills are much more important. What do you need to do to drive off good roads in front-wheel drive?

Reduce the pressure
The first step is to lower the tire pressure before driving into mud, snow or sand. This is necessary in order to increase the contact area of ​​the tire with the road, which allows to increase the passability of the machine. However, do not get carried away too much and reduce the pressure too much, it is better not to poison the tires below 1 atm.

Disable ESP
Most modern cars have an ESP system that prevents wheel spin. But when driving through mud, you just need to skid, without this you will not be able to move forward. Therefore, it is better to turn off this electronic assistant so that it does not interfere with movement.

More gas
One of the most common mistakes when driving off-road with front-wheel drive is associated with insufficient pressure on the gas pedal. The driver is afraid to spin the engine more and does not use acceleration, which leads to the car getting stuck in the mud. The best tactic would be to take the obstacles on the move, taking a good acceleration.

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