How to independently determine the degree of wear of brake pads and discs

A prerequisite for the trouble-free and safe operation of the car is the timely replacement of brake discs and pads. Such parts can be attributed to consumables, pads need to be changed especially often, performing such work almost every 20 thousand kilometers. It is extremely important to know how to determine the condition of the pads and discs, which will allow them to be replaced in a timely manner. We will tell you more about how to determine the wear of the pads and brake discs and cash for scrap cars.

Chips and dust on discs
If a large amount of black friction dust and shavings appears on the rims or hubcaps, this is a signal for the car owner to remove the wheel, carry out in-depth diagnostics and, if necessary, take the car to a service where the discs or pads will be changed. Neglecting these symptoms can ultimately lead to critical malfunctions, which can be more expensive to fix.

Calculation of the state of pads and discs by mileage
Experienced drivers generally adhere to the same driving style and avoid harsh braking, which is detrimental to the braking system. In such a case, the service life of the pads is significantly increased, which must be changed every 30-70 thousand kilometers. It is by focusing on the mileage of the car that you can timely replace the brake pads and discs, while ensuring complete safety of driving.

The appearance of beating during braking and extraneous noise
One of the features of the operation of the brake system is the uneven wear of the pads and discs, which can lead to the appearance of the brake pedal beating and extraneous noise during braking. You can solve such problems by replacing the brake discs or their groove. At the same time, it is recommended to replace worn brake pads, defects on which can lead to a rapid deterioration of the condition of even new brake discs.

Deteriorating vehicle deceleration performance
If, to slow down the car, it is required to depress the brake pedal almost completely, in such a case, it is necessary to contact the service as soon as possible and carry out a comprehensive diagnosis, replacing the worn out pads. This deterioration in brake performance is one of the signs of severe brake pad wear that will soon require replacement. Remember that it is not recommended to operate a car that has problems with the efficiency of deceleration of the car.

Let’s sum up
It is extremely important to timely replace the brake pads and discs, which are quickly erased during the operation of the vehicle. Their degree of wear can be determined by the appearance of a large amount of friction dust and shavings on the rims, a significant deterioration in the efficiency of deceleration of the car, beating and impacts when the brake pedal is pressed, as well as when the car runs about 30 thousand kilometers.

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