How to find a stolen car?

Car theft is a situation in which any car owner can find himself. What you can do to get your car back as soon as possible, how to protect yourself from fraudsters, what really helps to find a stolen car – read in the article. If you find your car and it’s trashed, come here:

Unfortunately, today’s statistics on stolen cars is disappointing. Every day about 1000 cars are stolen in the Russian Federation. The result of operational search operations is the return of 2-3% of stolen cars. Car theft is always a problem for the owner, regardless of the value of the car. If you find yourself in such a situation, the car owner wants to get the property back faster. Let’s consider in more detail how to find a stolen car.

Types of stolen cars

Traditionally, 4 types of car theft are distinguished:

Theft for the purpose of disassembly, the subsequent surrender for parts. The rarest type of theft, the whole car is sold more expensive.

Stealing for the purpose of transporting the car to another region. The car is taken far away from the place of registration and resold. Chances of finding the car are extremely low, since it can be taken to another country.

Custom-made theft. Only expensive cars are stolen. A particular car is chosen based on a tip from a person who gives maximum information about the car. It becomes almost impossible to resist the actions of the car thieves, in this case professionals, coping with security systems, watchmen work.

Theft with the purpose of extorting a ransom payment. The most common type. The vehicle is not transported to another region, it is hidden in a secluded place – a “laggard”. Criminals call the owner on the day of the hijacking and offer to pay to get the car back. More often than not, the cars are wanted.

What to do if my car is stolen?

If you do not find the car in place, follow this algorithm:

Make sure the vehicle has not been taken to a impound lot. The data will be provided when you call the police.

After making sure that the fact of the theft is present, notify the police. Give the officer on duty information – car brand, color, availability of the noticeable details, license plate number, VIN-code, describe the interior configuration, time, address of the stolen car. If not more than half an hour has passed since the theft, the police will announce an emergency plan and will be able to track the car on cameras.

Pay a visit to the police department, fill out a statement about the theft of the car. The police officers will start operational search activities. Take a control slip, a certificate of the reason for the complaint, the phone number of the person in charge, and a copy of the resolution to initiate a criminal case.

Independently examine the place of the theft, bypass the nearby yards, parking lots. Stolen vehicles are often left for a couple of days in a secluded place in a bedroom community, making it difficult for the police to find.

If the device is equipped with a GPS tracker, the location can be tracked through a program. Car thieves can use jammers, then the device becomes useless.

Try to find witnesses to the theft, spread the announcement about the stolen car in social networks, newspapers, car forums.

There is an option to use the help of a private detective. He can find the transport faster, but there is a danger of contacting fraudsters. The detective agency may be in collusion with the kidnappers. The car will be found quickly, but in a few days there will be another theft. If you decide to hire a detective, use the services of proven agencies with an impeccable reputation.

What to do if the stolen car is found?

If the car is found by the police, they will contact you and invite you to the department to close the case. If you find the car yourself, through a detective agency, inform the police. Prepare the papers, title documents, car keys.

The police will come out to detain the criminals rather quickly. After returning the car make sure it is in good condition, be sure to change the locks, access system.

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