Choosing summer and winter motor oil

Car owners know that in order to start the engine in winter a different kind of engine oil is needed than in summer. Which one, we will talk about in the article below. Car owners are also aware of scrapping car for cash.

The matter is the viscosity of the engine oil. It is prescribed on the package. Here is an example – “SAE 10W-40”. What can we understand from this inscription?

SAE is a generally accepted standard of viscosity of oils for car engines.

“10W” means an oil for winter (W – Winter).

If you put oil marked with “W”, starting the engine in winter will be easier.

“40” is the viscosity grade. This oil is designed for summer time. At +40 degrees it will continue to retain its properties. If the name has only one of the parameters – “W” or “40”, the oil is designed only for winter or exclusively for summer. If both parameters are present on the package (see the example above), then you have a universal oil, which allows the engine to function properly the whole year round.

Now you know what to look for when choosing an engine oil to improve year-round engine starting and avoid excessive loads.

After all, when you start your car, it must take a while before the pump delivers oil to the engine parts. Until then, the engine is on oil “starvation”, with parts inside rubbing and wearing out. Therefore it is important that the oil remains fluid even in “minus” conditions. As a result the pump will promptly pump it in the system, reducing the time of wear and tear during the start.

A 0W oil is optimal for winter and a 40 oil for summer.

In addition to the starting speed the oil should have characteristics that allow it to maintain its viscosity at higher temperatures and pressures typical of an internal combustion engine. This will allow the oil to form a stable film to protect the engine. This is important during the summer heat, when there is a risk of breakdowns in the cooling system and subsequent engine overheating.

If you have any complaints about the operation of the vehicle, contact the professionals from the car service. They will render a wide range of services, for example, will carry out repair and filling of air conditioners of a car or will engage in welding of a muffler.

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