How to use sealants for the car?

Many older motorists recollect with horror how they used to seal the joints between the glass, using duct tape or plasticine. Fortunately, today the car accessories market offers a huge selection of adhesive sealants at affordable prices, so there is no need to get so sophisticated. The same motorists are happy to recall Adhesive […]


In our lives, the concept of seasonality of rubber for cars entered relatively recently. The fact is that in Soviet times, tires were not divided into winter and summer. Everything was reduced to a common denominator – “all-season rubber coating”, which can not be called an optima one. In other words, it was equally uncomfortable […]

Choosing summer and winter motor oil

Car owners know that in order to start the engine in winter a different kind of engine oil is needed than in summer. Which one, we will talk about in the article below. Car owners are also aware of scrapping car for cash. The matter is the viscosity of the engine oil. It is prescribed […]

Control of scrap metal during reception

All scrap metal arriving at the reception points is sorted according to several parameters. In addition to the type, type and class of metal is determined: (scrap car prices near me): how safe it is for the environment, Whether the metal can be used for melting, whether the metal contains any impurities. One of the […]

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